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Oblique shock wave calculator

From the continuity equation of a compressible flow we can derive a relationship between the angle of an oblique shock wave and the angle of a 'wedge' encountering a supersonic flow. It is also possible to determine the Mach speed of the flow downstream the shockwave. Fluid flows are classified as follow:Shockwave schematic

  1. Subsonic flows: M<0.8 flows with Mach number less than 0.8
  2. Transonic flows: 0.8<M<1.4, a flow that is transitioning from subsonic velocity to sonic or supersonic.
  3. Supersonic flows: 1.4<M<5, flows encountered in jet fighters and some rockets.
  4. Hypersonic flows: M>5, atmospheric space re-entry capsule is a great example!

shockwaves are characterised with an abrupt change in pressure within a small area in which a burst of energy propagates through a fluid medium. Furthermore, shockwaves are observable at a certain angle engulfing the supersonic object travelling through a gaseous or liquid mediums.

The calculator

The application in the next section has 2 sets of fields, the ones in blue are result outputs and the ones in black are your input entries. All you need to enter is the incoming flow Mach number, the angle of the wedge and the heat capacity ratio. The image above shows the inputs and outputs of the calculator.



Specific heat ratio: